How big is the club?

Club membership is limited to 400 members, and we are currently at the maximum membership. An individual membership includes the member’s spouse and children up to 18 years of age living at home.


When and where does the club meet?

We meet the Second non-holiday Monday of each quarter (January, April, July, October) at 6:30 PM. The meeting location is the clubhouse at the range facility, accessed by entering the North gate at 7908 North Lorraine. Election of Officers will occur at the October meeting.


The Board of Directors generally meet on the second non-holiday Monday of the remaining months, also at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse, except for December The Board does not usually have a meeting in December unless necessary. Board of Directors meetings are open to the public, and any interested member or person may attend.


Where is the club at?

The club property is located 1-1/2 miles north of 56th Ave. on Lorraine Street and access is controlled by padlock, the combination of which is known only to current members. There are Trap and Skeet fields, and Action Pistol range, a 50 yard Pistol and Small Bore Rifle range, and a 600 yard Rifle range, many with covered firing points. See Map


Address for your GPS is 7908 North Lorraine, Hutchinson, KS  67502.  That address is the North gate; the South gate is a few hundred yards south of that.


What kind of shooting programs do you have?

The following programs currently have an active following with regularly scheduled matches: Action Pistol, Cowboy Action Shooting, Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, 3-Gun, NRA and Service Rifle, High Power Rifle, Tactical & Precision center fire rifle as well as precision 22lr matches are also offered by the club.


Who has access to the club’s ranges?  Do you have “open range” days?

We are a private club with unrestricted access available to members only, and do not offer “open range” days because of the lack of available labor to provide them.  However, please refer to the above listed shooting programs, and see if there might be a program of interest.  All of our scheduled shoots and matches are open to the public, regardless of membership status, although there may be some proficiency or equipment limitations or restrictions that are discipline specific.  This limited public access is specific to the match being shot, and does not open up the remainder of the range for public use.


How do I join and what does it cost?

Membership applications are accepted in April and May of each year. There may or may not be any openings.  Membership status and any opening are closely monitored.  Our best advice is, find a shooting discipline that you might enjoy, and get involved in it.  That way, you may enjoy some limited access right away, and possibly find yourself a new range buddy who will take you to the range as his/her guest.


Currently to be considered for membership you must submit the following, in person, at a monthly meeting: membership application, proof of current NRA membership and two letters of reference from two members that are in good standing and have been members for two years.


Current charges are $125 per year with a one-time-only $100 initiation fee, but those prices are not guaranteed to be in effect later.  Please note that NRA membership is mandatory to join and keep membership at Central Kansas Gun Club.


And no, we are not maintaining a waiting list or holding future membership slots, pending adoption of the new membership application process.  That’s why becoming known and valuable to club management will be to your benefit.


Are there any exemptions to the waiting list?

 Active duty U.S. Military or "full-time" National Guard or Reserve personnel are exempt from the waiting list and can begin the membership application process immediately by contacting the club Safety Officer here (email Safety Officer).  Unfortunately, this exemption does not extend to traditional "part-time" Guard or Reserve personnel at this time.  Nor does it extend to retired military, current or retired law enforcement/correctional officers or former club members.  The “full time” military exemption is the O-N-L-Y exemption we offer at this time.


Is there a work requirement to join the club?

All newly accepted members are required to complete 8 hours for volunteer work at the club in the first year of membership. Those members accepted after 1-1-2019 al also required to complete 4 hours of volunteer work every year after the initial year.

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